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  • The U.S.-China Policy Divergence Is---Again---Key to Markets
    The People’s Bank of China and the Federal Reserve are moving in opposite directions. The last time that happened, it created substantial stress for China’s financial system. Will things be different this time around?
  • Deutsche Bank and Barclays: Trans-Atlantic Drift
    Investment banking yielded surprises at Deutsche Bank and Barclays in the first quarter: the former’s revenue looked as horrible as the latter’s did outstanding. But neither results gave much clarity to investors.
  • Norwegian Air's Disruptive Days Look Numbered
    The latest company to champion low-cost trans-Atlantic flights either needs to rein in its ambition or sell out.
  • Shell Will Win on Gas But Is Losing on Oil​
    Shell’s first-quarter net profit surged thanks to higher prices and natural gas output. The company’s strategic shift into natural gas makes sense long term, but has a cost now as oil rebounds.
  • Facebook Stays in the Friend Zone
    The social network’s first-quarter report showed that about 48 million daily active users signed up during the period, suggesting that the world’s largest social network isn’t easily unplugged despite its recent problems.

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